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Graffiti how to for beginners. First off, study Graffiti and find a style that you want to start with.  Bubble or Block letters are going to be easiest.

1) Let’s start with a tag. A tag is a simple way to write your “nom de plume”. A nom de plume is:  “A name assumed by an author as his or her signature” When other Graffiti artist’s ask: “What do you write?” what they are saying is: “What is your nom de plume?” Figure out what you want to write as your name, then draw it as a simple, stick letter tag with a pencil.

2) Nobody likes a biter but you gotta start somewhere. Use a good reference photo of the bubble or block style that you’re diggin. Try and mimic (not copy) the main shape and style of the bubble letters as you transform your pencil tag stick letters into bubble letters. Graffiti how to.

3) Add an outside contoured outline to your pencil tag. Keep using the pencil and draw lightly. You’re going to make mistakes so make sure you have an eraser, take your time to get the letters just right and look at your reference photo frequently. Don’t be afraid to change your original letters and really experiment.

This is a very short and sweet graffiti how to. Mega detailed step by step graffiti how to’s are in the works.

Date: Monday, 12. April 2010 21:54
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